Hello there!

Thanks for stopping by. I am Laura. I'm a wife, a homeowner, a DIY enthusiast to the extreme, and the owner of a small Wedding company that specializes in distinctive decor for a steal. I started this blog as an outlet for my sometimes out-of-hand passion for DIY design and all things vintage :)

It all began when my hubby {who I fondly refer to as "Chief"} and I bought our first home and started truly making it ours. I had a vision of what I hoped our home would look like, and not much money to make it happen. After a summer of yard-sale-hunting and perusing the aisles of as many thrift stores I could find on google maps, I quickly learned that you can accomplish just about anything with a few bucks, a staple gun and a can of spray paint.

Then the magic happened.

I went to work painting every wall in our house, reupholstering old chairs and refinishing all of these little treasures I had found. Before I knew it... I looked around one day to realize that our house was becoming a home! The only problem: The more time I spent refinishing old, unique furniture, the more of a passion it became! Soon I found myself with a garage full of yard-sale-steals that I couldn't pass up and nowhere in my newly-completed-house to put them. Chief said to me one day: "Your pieces are so unique. You really have a knack for this stuff. Have you ever thought about doing this as a side-job and selling your stuff?" {Possible Translation: "Can you please finish painting this junk/crap and list it on Craigslist so I can have my Garage back? We're starting to look like Hoarders."} His supportive suggestion planted the seed and the rest was history.

Now, I scout out the coolest furniture finds and offer them to you at a steal in their newly distressed & revamped glory. Like most who love relics of the past, I love the story that each piece tells: The nicks, the tattered edges, the scratches and scrapes, the layers of chippy paint. Every little imperfection is a reference to their unique history. I can't think of a better way to add distinction to your home.

So, perhaps you're wondering: "Who are olive + hazel"?

olive + hazel: The two gals that began it all. olive is a lovely hand-carved, upholstered settee with caned sides and gorgeous olivey-goldish-green velvet upholstery. hazel is a gorgeous old Queen Anne mahogany sewing table with beautiful carved and curvy legs.

Yes, I name my furniture. No, I don't think that's weird.

olive + hazel were the first pieces that I picked up and began refinishing... so they deserve to be honored with names as beautiful as they are.

To wrap it up, I hope you enjoy this adventure with me as I reveal newly redesigned pieces, interior makeovers, DIY projects and  share my best tips & tricks for restoring furniture.

If you'd like to contact me, shoot me an email at:
oliveandhazel (@) outlook (dot) com

I look forward to hearing from you!