Good-bye, rock...

....hello 21'st century!

Today, something amazing happened. I got a late morning "I love you" text from my wonderful hubby, followed by an equally-exciting text that reminded me to "listen for the doorbell when it rings" because we have something very special arriving in the mail and it needs my signature. Yep. The iphone 5 came today! The texts from the hubby were just an added bonus. Trust me, I've been anticipating this day for a very, very, very, VERY long time.

Custom Dresser for Jennifer! - SOLD

Sorry, my friends, this one was off the market before it even landed in this post! 

This gives me a grand opportunity for a shameless plug about our custom design services :) 
It all started with these two gorgeous aqua distressed dressers.... remember these? I received overwhelming interest in them... lot's of inquiries, a few no-show's later and finally, a taker... Jen came along. She loved the color and the distressing! She planned to put them in her office-turned-wardrobe-room as a stylish way to store her clothing. After lots of consideration, she started to get concerned that the dressers wouldn't be quite big enough to house her wardrobe and asked if I had anything else in the works that might be larger. 

The ugliest coffee table in the world...

 Isn't this the ugliest coffee table you've ever seen? Forest green just isn't my thing....
The Hubby and I were on our usual Tuesday night trip to our favorite store. For some reason, I always seem to strike gold on Tuesdays. We walked in, skipped over the aisles of ugly trinkets and smelly clothing and went straight to the furniture section. Our favorite section. I immediately saw this amazing coffee table and as if I were a kid at a birthday party, went lunging towards it like it were candy falling out of a piƱata. I stood there guarding it as my husband, catching up, came walking towards me. He looked down at the table, looked up at me with a puzzled and confused look, and down at the table again. I was practically squeeling with excitement.  Him: not so much.

New Family Members!

Wow! It's been a while since I've had the time to post! This past week has certainly been busy. I've parted ways with many of my favorite pieces... and I am so happy that the people who have bought them, love them as much as I do! There's nothing better than hearing from happy customers!

White Lacquered Damask Chairs - SOLD

mmmm.... who can resist white lacquered, shiny goodness? The black & white damask upholstered seats are so chic against the white chairs. Perfect for any decor because they're so simple and timeless. $60/each. And don't worry, if you miss out on this opportunity (I'm already flooded with inquiries through craigslist) I have 6 more like it coming down the line! {Wait....Me? Creating more furniture with Damask upholstery? Never!!!}
Stay tuned!

Shabby Distressed Buffet {SOLD} & French Provincial Desk w/ F.R.E.E. hutch! {SOLD}

After much deliberation, I've decided to part with this extremely charming & unique piece of furniture... this one-of-a-kind buffet (or dresser.....?) is so pretty! Complete with dove-tail joints, original oil-rubbed-bronze hardware, and ornate wood details that go on and on... this piece is truly a must-see! It is VERY sturdy and heavy so I know it will last for YEARS and make someone very happy! It is painted in a fresh bright white and distressed... This piece is amazing in a formal dining room to store wine, serveware, china, linens and more! Or a lovely addition to your bedroom to stylishly display your wardrobe! You will love it.

Ornate vintage oversized rocker - SOLD

Check out this beautiful oversized rocking chair. I love the ornate wood carving in the legs and back. This gorgeous chair is sooo comfy too! It's been painted a lovely timeless white. The black and white damask cushions are brand new with tags, and add extra style and comfort. Purchase with or without them. The chair cushions are $30 each... the price I paid for them... and they are the sun & shade (indoor/outdoor) fabric for stain/fade resistance and wipe clean in case you spill or have little ones. 

Adorable antique veggie hutch! - SOLD

Potatoes and onions and carrots... oh my! This adorable antique vegetable cabinet is a charming addition to any kitchen. It is painted an aqua/turquoise blue, distressed and antiqued using a staining method. Then it received a wonderful glaze to preserve it for years to come! The top window used to be a wooden board. I removed it, upholstered it with this adorable black and white damask fabric and reinstalled it. The other windows are lined with rustic chicken wire (which is so big right now!) The top has an expandable drop-leaf for added display space.
This piece can hold it's own as a vegetable cabinet... but it's also very versatile! This would be PERFECT in a bathroom to hold rolled-up towels and candles. It could also make a great addition to your foyer or entry-way. Use it to display photos and other meaningful items in a guest room. The possibilities are endless....