FOR SALE: Lovely Teal Accent Table w/ Sewing Machine - $150

Check out this distressed aqua console table! I recently picked up this amazing piece and immediately fell in love. I've always loved vintage pieces with a purpose. This one was a Sewing table with an adorable olivey copper colored antique sewing machine still intact. When I was told that the machine still works.... DONE! I snatched it up right away!

It's painted in our signature olive + hazel teal, distressed to perfection and glazed to highlight all of those awesome crevices in the legs. MMM. Love it.

This is perfect for a foyer or entry to be used as a console table. Cute little box on top for keys. Basket underneath for shoes. You're set to go!
This also makes a lovely writing/laptop desk, a vanity or a side table. I have one in our Master Bedroom with a cute patterned laundry bin underneath.

It has endless possibilities and it's just dying to be that great pop of color in your home.

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