Recent Subway Art!

Now that spring is finally here in Minnesota, (after a whopping S E V E N  MONTH LONG WINTER, might I add) people are getting in the mood to re-decorate and I've been getting swamped with amazingly fun subway art orders. I love Subway art. For whatever reason, I am really drawn to words and contrasty visuals. I've never been big on elaborate floral paintings or busy abstract art. I love the simplicity of a word. It has meaning and purpose. It represents a greater idea - and to some - it can be elusive and cryptic. I love the idea of a street address that reminds a couple of the place that they got married or a single word that has the ability to bring a flood of emotion when it's seen.

Here are a few that I've been working on lately!

This customer was surprising her hubby with a man-cave makeover! How awesome is that? She wanted to include an art piece that paid homage to all of this favorite bands. 

This one is a little bitter-sweet. A couple had this art piece made for their best friends who were moving out of state to Seattle, Washington. They wanted to send them off with a going-away present that reminded them of their roots here in Minneapolis.

I was honored to be a part of this one: This family wanted something that represented their faith in God and the fact that their Family had made it through unspeakable heartbreak by surviving the loss of two children. It was a great way for them to remember their past, and to look ahead to the future as one stronger family with the help of "God's Sweet Grace". Love it..

Does Subway art grab your attention like it does mine? What are your favorite meaningful places? Do you like the idea of cryptic artwork that only you know the meaning of?

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