Gorgeous Shabby Wine Rack with Wainscoting - SOLD

Once upon a time, I came across this fantastic, yet ugly wine rack at a thrift store. It was made of outdated blonde wood and a bit wobbly. It was definitely old.... but not a good old. Nevertheless, I thought it had some great potential and I got a good deal on it. What it lacked in vintage charm, it made up for in price and potential.

I got to work on it, finishing it in our vintage cream color, distressing the heck out of it and glazing with a dark, chocolate brown. To really bring it to the next level and create patina where there was none, I added the wainscoting to the sides and it was the perfect touch. I love how the dark glaze highlights the grooves of the wainscoting. Very cottage chic!

Before: Ugly. Ugly. Ugly.

The lovely couple that picked it up is using it to furnish their cottage vacation home on a lake so it is a perfect fit!


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