Unique Barn Door Red + Aqua Kitchen Accessory Set! - SOLD

Oh my goodness. So anyone who's been in my kitchen knows that I'm kind of a sucker for a good "pop" of color. And I'm also pretty notorious for painting just about anything I can get my hands on. Bread boxes, knife blocks, wooden signs, spice racks.... all of the above are prominently displayed in my kitchen. Simply put... I'm obsessed with anything "functional yet stylish". And I always find myself asking the question: "If it's functional, why can't it be stylish too?"

I wanted to spread the love to all of you and I recently finished a line of kitchen accessories inspired by the Linden Hills kitchen makeover that we recently did. Who can resist Barn Door Red + Aqua?! Such a fun combination and very hot right now in the design world.
Awesome porcelain canisters with distressed wood tops | $35

Shabby little owl napkin holder. SO cute. | $11

Custom wood and porcelain spice rack! Yay! | $30

Who can forget the salt + pepper? | $10 each

Okay, now let me explain the complete and utter awesome-ness of the candle holder below. I freaked out when I found this. It is a candle holder that stores napkin rings! HOW FUN! You just unscrew the top and they stack for storage when you're not using them. Seriously... I love it. {it's the little things in life, right?}
Now you see them...
Now you don't! | $10

The whole family for your viewing pleasure!
 So to recap: You get 3 porcelain kitchen storage canisters with wooden airtight tops, a salt shaker, a pepper grinder, a wooden candle holder, four wooden napkin rings, 6 porcelain spice jars with airtight wooden tops, a wooden spice rack and the cutest little owl napkin holder you've ever seen in your life. By the way, this set would go amazingly perfect with the adorable little storage cabinet that I finished a while back and recently reduced the price on. If you're interested in both, I will definitely cut you a great deal.
I also have a breadbox that I'll add to the collection when it's done, so check back soon. It's really cool.
I would prefer to sell as a set... but if i don't have any takers right away, then I'll consider splitting up. Just let me know what you're interested in.